Slimette - Food Supplement

Slimette is a new and innovative supplement

Slimette increases the effectiveness of any Weight Loss plan

Slimette contains ingredients that have been shown to make any weight loss program more effective.

This supplement contains powerful antioxidants, which are known to have the following positive impacts on the human body:

  • antioxidants speed up your metabolism, allowing the body to burn fat at a faster rate,
  • antioxidants increase energy, which means you can exercise more and exercise harder.

More Health Benefits of the Slimette Ingredients

The basic ingredient of Slimette - Acai Berry The main ingredient in Slimette is Acai Berry. This ingredient contains antioxidants which have been shown to prevent inflammation and thereby lower the risk of heart disease as well as certain cancers.

Slimette also contains Guarana which increases energy, speeds up metabolism and reduces appetite.

Green Tea is another ingredient of Slimette that has many health benefits. Green tea has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol and helps to prevent infection. Consuming green tea on a regular basis may even prevent certain types of cancer.

Cayenne Pepper also helps to speed up metabolism, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system by decreasing bad cholesterol and improves digestion.

Finally, Acetyl L-carnitine has been shown to improve brain functioning, assist in fat burning and repair damaged nerves.

These ingredients, which are all present in Slimette, will support any weight loss plan as well improve the condition of the body overall.

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