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What is Guarana?

Guarana - How does it Influence the Health and Support Weight Loss? Guarana is a shrub that can be found growing only in South America. The fruit of the Guarana contain the substance guaranine, which has a chemical composition that is similar to caffeine. Guaranine is used in many energy drinks, fat burners and weight loss supplements.

How does Guarana help support overall health?

In 1997, research was conducted that showed Guarana acts on the body as a stimulant. Using Guarana results in improved clarity of thought as well as better memory.

For many years, Guarana has been used as an effective and all natural remedy for headaches and migraines. Guarana also has antibacterial properties which help to protect the body against E. coli and salmonella bacteria.

How does Guarana improve Weight Loss?

Guarana aids in weight loss by increasing energy which makes you more likely to exercise, which speeds the weight loss process. Since guaranine is similar in composition to caffeine, it helps to reduce appetite as well as increase the fat burning process during exercise.

Will Guarana improve the effectiveness of weight loss programs?

Yes. Guarana reduces appetite, supports fat burning processes and provides significant energy. If you decide to support your weight loss plan with Guarana, you should consider a supplement that also contains other effective weight loss ingredients, such as Slimette.

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