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How is Green Tea different from Black Tea?

Green Tea - Properties and Effects on Weight Loss Black and Green Tea both come from the same plant, which is known scientifically as Camellia sinesis. The difference between the two colors of tea is in the way it is processed. Green tea is dried and not fermented, while black tea is. Since Green Tea is processed for a shorter length of time, it has a flavor that is more mild and also retains valuable chemicals that are lost in the processing of black tea.

What health benefits does Green Tea offer?

Green tea has been used as an effective natural medicine for thousands of years, especially in Asia. Green teas has been used as a treatment for a whole range of medical issues from simple headaches to depression. More recently, scientific research has shown that Green tea can prevent cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and cardiovascular disorders as well as lower cholesterol and improve the functioning of the immune system.

How does Green Tea aid in weight loss?

Since green tea lowers cholesterol, increases the rate at which the body burns calories and increases fat oxidation, it certainly aids in weight loss. Furthermore, Green Tea naturally allows the body to burn fat more efficiently and manages the flow of glucose in fat cells.

Although Green Tea alone can be powerful as a weight loss tool, Slimette offers a supplement that combines other effective ingredients, including Acai Berry, Guarana, Cayenne Pepper and L-carnitine for even better results.

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